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That moment when you see people like yourself in comics and books or in fanfiction, especially when you’re young, is eye-opening.
That intake of breath when you think: “Oh, people like me exist, and their stories are important.”

There are so many more more types of people and identities in the world than the ones you usually see on tv. If you don’t belong to a marginalised group, most of the time you won’t even notice that they’re not being represented.
If you create media in any way, please open your eyes to this and don’t only create “normal” white cishet male protagonists. After a while, it gets boring…

Posted on 2014_08_27 August 27 2014 2014年8月27日 by 384400kilometers

Hashtag Quinnspiracy

Sometimes I dream about being a famous game developer.

I imagine how it would be like.
How they would write really long articles about me on all the big news sites, like Kotaku and that other one.
How they would make forum threads about me. And they would post naked pictures of me. And there would be a poll where you could vote whether I’m a slut: “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “I want a HD remake of Xenogears”.
How I would have my own hashtag on twitter. Something really hip sounding, you know? And people would talk about me all day. And I would sit there, refreshing the page, waiting…

I would be so cool.

I would have like 3000 follower, maybe 4000! And at least half of them would hate me.
And they would all read this post and like it and reblog it and re-reblog it and re-reblog the reblogs. And they would tell me why I’m wrong and why I’m right and they would send me death threats.

Oh, I try to imagine what they would sound like…

But I’m not one of the cool and important game developers. No…

I mean… I could be!
I could be like the one making games about being trans and sexuality and stuff and be really punk about it and release it on Newgrounds… but they already got one of those.
Or maybe I would be the one teaching herself how to program and making cool experimental games that try out new things and explore, like, the medium… but… they already have one for that.
Or I could write about hate and abuse inside games culture and call out all the bullshit and talk to my feminist friends… well… they already have one for that, too.
And that was so 2013 anyway, not like anyone cares anymore…

But still, sometimes I wonder…

When in thousands of years they would dig up my rotten, putrid corpse to study me. They would want to know so much about the one gamedev their internet archives said so much about.
They would wonder about this indie game movement of the early 21st century. And they would learn that indie games and gaming culture at large was actually performance art.
It was all about white dudes feeling nostalgic and the triple As vs the feminists and trying to trick people to spend money on make-believe hats and about being edgy and niche and about having a lot of tweets about rape jokes and about something called a steam?

And they would marvel at it all… and they would wonder…

Why was it called gaming culture?

Sometimes I dream about being a famous game developer.

Posted on 2014_07_31 July 31 2014 2014年7月31日 by 384400kilometers
"it's impossible to escape that, to escape a culture where you're
constantly reminded that you're not the intended audience. And also that you're probably a slut and ugly" - Anny Anthropy

I made a little zine in which I talk about game development culture, scratchware, the RPG Maker workshop I hosted last month and all sorts of things.

You can read it online over here: DIY_GAMES.pdf

Let me know what you think!


If you want to make your own you can find a printable version here.
And here is a link to the raw text only.

Also I still got a couple physical copies left lying around, if you are interested in getting one message me with your details and I’ll try to get one to you.

And lastly a big thanks to tyowynn for helping me out with layouting and everything. :)

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Anonymous asked:

which topics do you think are too sensitive for games?

discovergames answered:

I’m about to make two statements that will seem contradictory or even hypocritical at first blush. Ready? 1) Videogames are an artform every bit as important, interesting, and culturally relevant as any other medium, such as literature or film. Videogames are not an inherently lesser medium and can (and should) handle any topic with gravitas and grace. 2) I absolutely shudder if I hear about a videogame trying to comment on rape, AIDS, abortion, or other “serious” and deeply personal topics.

See, those things may sound like they are at odds, but there’s one word buried in there that rescues me from accusations of hypocrisy - “inherently.” Videogames are not inherently lesser as a medium - that is to say that they don’t have to be bad at handling certain topics - but the sad fact is that they currently are

Game developers (and this is especially true in the AAA world, though indies are not exempt) are too caught up in games as toys, games as products, games as nostalgia, games as cash cows, games as collections of mechanics, etc., to honestly and truly examine and explore tough topics with the level of depth and maturity that they deserve. Right now (and again, I stress this is the current - not permanent - state of affairs), videogames excel at excess, at visceral violence, at “badass” and at “epic.” They do not excel at nuance or honesty or sincerity, and these characteristics are essential for those creators who want to comment on the difficult and sensitive issues in society. 

So, the short answer to your question? No topic is too sensitive for games to handle. But until developers can see their medium as something other than a paycheck, and tackle these problems with a measure of maturity and heart, they will continue to come off as heavy-handed, incompetent, and offensive. There will come a day when videogames treating serious subject matter will be par for the course, but that day is not today.

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"If you generate money from putting my content on your channel, you owe me money. Simple as that."

I think Phil Fish should get payed by the online gaming press, because he has generated them a fuck-ton of clicks and revenue by saying something on the internet no one should have really cared much about.

This is so meta, probably the most funniest thing that happened this week, right after last nights round of Cards against Humanity~